Hello Everyone!

I was born in Bangalore,India, a vivid city with beautiful landscapes and artistic structures. When I was a child I participated in painting competitions organized by my school. As I grew up, painting was one of my main hobbies. My mother creates beautiful Mandala Arts and Traditional Paintings while my father created Digital Art. I guess, I inherited most of my skills as an artist from my parents.

After completing my education, I moved to another extremely beautiful city Denver, USA. It’s been 5 years living in the city and the landscapes, mountains, waterfalls and wildlife here changed my hobby of painting into my passion. I began to recreate the photographs I clicked of these mesmerizing landscapes. Being a nature lover and a traveler, I took interest in painting the scenery each place had to offer. I like to explore different patterns and style of painting, although, acrylic painting has been my foundation and interest.

I believe everyone can turn a blank canvas into a beautiful piece of art just by tapping into their imaginations. As the famous artist Bob Ross says,” We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents.” Each color and brush strokes used shows the mood and emotion of the person painting. It gives immense freedom to express ourselves, to enjoy our own company and to discover our happy place.

Let’s get painting !!!

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